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Must Known Facts to Boost Your Instagram Marketing via Shoutouts

Shoutout, Shoutout on the wall, Who’s the famous of them all? Instagram marketing has evolved with the passage of time but has reached another level with the introduction of influencer marketing. And one of the intrinsic features is shoutout! A shoutout is none other than ...

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Celebrity Endorsements vs Influencer Marketing | Which Way to Go for Your Brand?

Brands are always looking for ways to establish their reputation and increase their sales in the long run. Be it any form of marketing or advertising, one of the foremost ways is to go for celebrity endorsements. With the passage of time, it has evolved into influencer marketing ...

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Did you know!? How did the pound sign become a hashtag?

The online revolution took place in the digital world of the internet when the pound symbol was started to group messages on Twitter revolving around the same conversation. These clickable hashtags are just keywords proceeding with the pound symbol primarily used to discover the ...

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