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How Can PR Professionals Use Data-Driven Stories For Lifestyle Clients?

As per the data, there are PR Pros for every one journalist. Today, journalists have been overtaken like never before and the trend shows it is not slowing down. Today, reporters are bombarded with pitches and press releases especially in the domain of auto, technology and lifest...

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Most Common Branding Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Branding as a subject is often confused with marketing and advertising, leading to some unavoidable branding mistakes. Fragmented Approach The biggest mistake Indian companies make when it comes to branding is their fragmented approach to the subject. When a company says they n...

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A Guided Walk-through to Promote Indian Brands

Exploring the Right Strategy for Indian Brands Since the beginning, Indian brands have garlanded our traditional and digital media with their memorable stories and jingles. Some of the brands have become cult classics. Now even taking their mere names makes us recall their adve...

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Corporate Social Responsibility – A Hidden Treasure for Every Marketing Plan

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a broad term which describes a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. For instance, these efforts can be like donating money to various NGOs or adopting eco-friendly policies in their workplace. CSR plays a very important role...

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