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Build Brand Identity with CSR Campaign

From 2014, companies that generate 5 crores of net profit, or a turnover of 1,000 crores must give back at least 2% of their net profit to society. The purpose of a strict CSR code is to ensure the companies to help and prosper the society.    CSR Campaign Adds Brand Value A...

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Greatest Public Relation Coups of Modern Times

Ever since the first public relation professionals began their career nearly 100 years ago, they have often played a pivotal role in managing their client’s public image. Such management includes clarifying a client’s position with respect to a piece of news concerning it. Ev...

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6 Secret PR Weapons to Build Your Brand

To establish a brand and build its reputation is no joke, as the market is now adapting to already-established brands. Let’s take the instance of Pepsi – this brand has been built through years of extensive work and consistency. It is unfortunate that modern businesses no lon...

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Out of the Box Ideas to Promote Social Media Content

Today, social media has become not only a more visual but also a more vibrant stage. Gone are the days when blogs relied on weighty texts. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have influenced how social media should work and have made a path for its future ...

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The Vital Dependency of SEO and PR for a Strong Brand Image

There was a time when SEO and PR were perceived as two separate entities and both had different marketing nuances. It is the generic observation that this phenomenon doesn’t exist anymore. SEO and PR work in close proximity with each other within a new incorporated digital envi...

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